I love the South.  The people are very friendly and the weather is wonderful.  Don't get me wrong - I love the North as well.  After all, that is where I was born and raised and that's where my family is - especially my three wonderful grandsons.  But there is something about the South and living close to the sea, where the palm trees sway and the alligators walk.  Yes you read correctly - walking alligators.  The first thing my husband told me when we moved here was don't feed the alligators and if you have to run from one - don't run in a straight line - make sure you ZIGZAG. Now generally I take much of what he says with a grain of salt as he is usually trying to put one over on me.  So I was very surprised when I saw lots of signs confirming what he had said.

But until today I had not seen an alligator up close and personal!  While taking our morning walk Joe and I were enjoying another day in paradise and were deep in conversation about all the beautiful birds - especially the graceful egrets that look like white puffs up in the trees.  As our eyes admired the blue waters of a peaceful lagoon our gaze was suddenly broken as we focused on this huge log like object.  OMG I said - is that what I think it is?  Slowly we crept down the bank making sure that we didn't tumble right into the water. We certainly didn't want to be breakfast for what appeared before our eyes!

It was huge - and completely still.  We stood there in amazement watching this prehistoric looking creature.  I have never seen anything like it.  Why the heck don't we have a camera I thought!  No one was going to believe the size of this guy without proof!  Oh well - another big story with no proof! Our kids are use to that!!  We continued on our walk and upon returning home Joe said let's take the camera and go back and see if it is still there.  And to our surprise - there he was!  In the exact same place we had seen him earlier and as still and quite as before.  Mother nature and her creatures never cease to amaze me.  And this prehistoric creature obviously has its purpose in our wonderful world.  As we stood for a few minutes and gazed upon his magnificence I again thought about how much I love my new surroundings - but I am also thankful that today I didn't have to try out that ZIGZAG theory!