What a wonderful weekend.  Dinner with friends - knitting- a seven mile bike ride this afternoon and a delicious meal of French Onion Soup and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  I had a bag of tasty vidalia onions that I knew would be perfect for this special treat!

First I needed to get the onions ready to slice.  It is amazing how easy the food processor slices all these onions

Next begins the process of caramelizing the onions!  A little butter & olive oil- a sprinkle of sugar and two hours cooking time.

Patience is a must - the onions must be the color of carmel - which makes them even sweeter, but this takes time.

Just beginning to turn brown

Look at that color!

Perfectly caramelized !

Add the beef stock - sherry - a dash of aged balsamic vinegar, spices- 
yes it is almost dinner time!

Bon Appetite! 
It was delicious and well worth the effort!!