Procrastination Can Be Stressful!!

Well for the last few weeks I have been knitting Loopy Snecklaces like a mad woman for the Sun City Holiday Bazaar.  My friend Ilse thought it would be a good idea if we got a table and tried to sell some of our creations.  Why not I thought - of course that was back in August when November was far, far away. 

Rosemarie, Lynn & Ilse
 And it would have been a good idea if I started knitting in August - but of course that didn't happen.  So here I was in October knitting like crazy - trying to get some inventory ready for this event.  Loopy's were everywhere!  OMG I thought - I hope I sell all of these or what the heck will I do with them.  Thankfully they were extremely popular and by noon I was completely sold out. 

 Now I have a pocketful of cash - and lots of free time.  "We should start getting ready for next year", is now Ilse's mantra! "Let's start in January this time."  Yea - like that is going to happen.  We've got plenty of time - no need to rush - I'll think about it next October!