Welcome to my Studio!

Okay - here are the pictures of the progress on my studio!  Of course I love it and it has been successful in sparking my creativity.  

The perfect chair for day dreaming & relaxing! 

Lots of wonderful corian counter space 
and a chair at the perfect height for working!  
Plus a smart TV for getting on the internet, 
perusing Raverly and even watching Craftsy Classes!

A beautiful cabinet that was handmade in 
Plumstead, Bucks County, Pa.
Yes - it is filled with yarn!!

 And a beautiful dress form 
"Clarie Estelle"
to model all my creations! 
The necklace is my first attempt at redesigning vintage costume jewelry.

There is still more to do and it will definitely be a work in progress for a while as there are cubbies to build and pictures to frame and hang - but it is really a working studio and I love it.  Thanks to my hubby - it is truly a dream come true!!