Well the heat is still steaming!  Yesterday with the heat index temperatures soared to 122°NOW THAT IS HOT!!  Today it is a little cooler, but Joe and I decided to spend our time in indoors until we head out to a pizza party dinner with the New Jersey Club.  Hopefully things will cool off by then.

Neither of us have any problem keeping busy on a hot day like today.  And I don't mean with housework or cleaning! We both used our time indoors to work on our creative projects.  

Joe is hard at work constructing built-ins for under our counter.  He just finished installing a fantastic wine rack and is busy putting up bead board.

Next he will be adding a bookcase on the other side
of the counter.  What a fabulous job he is doing!

My day has been spent beading.  Thanks to my friend Ilse for the beautiful doughnut beads she gave me.  It took me three times to string a combination of beads that I was happy with - but I think the end result was worth the extra effort.

Just another way to stay cool on a hot summer day in the south.

Life is Good!