My New Love

Well I have finally crossed over and joined the ranks of Mac users and lovers!  For years I have toyed around with the idea of getting a Mac but there was always something keeping me from it.  The learning curve is too difficult, the price is too expensive, you can't interchange your documents with a PC.  Well I ignored it all - including the price - and off to Best Buy I went.  Or should I say we went.  My husband was actually the driving force in this purchase.  "You really should have one - it will make it easier for your creativity - it will be fun with your blog!" This was his gentle prodding to push me over the end.  And in the end it seems that the price is really the only barrier to making the switch.  I love the computer - it is easy to use - the learning curve isn't bad at all - you can easily interchange your documents with a PC as long as you purchase IWorks! 

So once I got over the sticker shock I realized that this is a very good fit for me.  So thank you to my love for dragging me to Best Buy and making me buy this computer.  I don't think anything like that has ever happened before nor will again.  Anyway, use a Mac and you'll never go back - that is my motto and I'm sticking to it!

Let's Celebrate - Spring is in the Air

After a long hard winter it seems like spring has finally arrived in the South.  We have had a good few days of 70 degree plus weather and the forecast for the next week looks good.  I have certainly taken advantage of this great weather taking lots of walks, riding my bike and yesterday Joe and I visited the nursery which is truly a sign of the warm weather.  The flowering shrubs and plants were a welcome sight.  There was also a wonderful variety of fountains which are very popular here in the south.

But of course spring for me means knitting as I don't like to get my hands dirty in the garden - I leave that to my husband as it is his passion.  So my spring project was to design a fun little scarf called "Loopy Snecklace". 

 Yes it is a scarf and/or a necklace that can brighten up your summer white tee shirt.  I will be having a workshop here in Sun City - and possibly in some other locations as well.  You don't have to be an expert knitter to make one but it shouldn't be your first or second project either.  Use some fabulous ribbon yarn with a coordinating novelty yarn - add some beads or bling if you want - and voila- a show stopper that everyone will be asking you about!  Celebrate spring and make yourself something special - you deserve it!