Happy Anniversary to Me

It is hard for me to believe that my blog has been up and running for a year now. Boy time does really fly when you are retired and having so much fun!

  In celebration of my first anniversary I am going to list some great links for knitters that will help you make the most out of your craft.  I hope that you enjoy them - in fact please leave a comment below and let me know.  Posting is easy - just click on the comments button at the bottom of this post and a comment box will appear.  Write your comment in the box and then choose your identity by writing your name in the box (first name only please).  If you have a blog you can add your blog address under your name in the url - but you can also leave that blank.  Then just hit publish your comment and voila you have made a comment on my blog.   If you leave me a published comment I will send you a coupon code for 

a free copy of my Loopy Snecklace pattern which you can download right from my blog! Just post your comment and then email me at purlsbythesea@gmail.com and I will send you the coupon code!   Easy as pie!!

Knitting Web Sites

Zinio - Is a great site to download magazines to your iPad or computer.  They have lots of knitting and beading magazines.

EZ's Better Bind Off by Purlbee - this is a great bind off that makes your b/o edge look the same as your cast on edge!  EZ certainly knew what she was doing!

Interweave has a great tutorial for converting a stitch pattern so you can work in the round.

Polka Dot Cottage gives great instructions on how to make polymer buttons for all your knitting and beading projects!

Yarns in the Farm has really unique patterns including the really popular Floffy Skirt.

I hope you enjoy these helpful links and by all means if you have a link you think may be helpful to other knitters please post it!

Enjoy & Happy Knitting!!

Free pattern offer expires March 19, 2012.  Thanks for all the comments and interest.