Forty Five plus 39

Appreciate those you love!
Don't take them for granted.
Let them know you love them
before it is too late!

Forty Five plus 30

This is so true.
People come in and out of 
our lives so quickly!
We should always let them
know how important they are to us!!!

Forty Five plus 24

Every path we follow
has a consequence…
Some good some not !!
Choose carefully.

Forty Five plus 22

I love Shel Silverstein!
Gone way too soon!!!
And he did believe in the silly and the impossible...

Forty Five plus 17

Perfect quote for my day today!
Amazing how things happen.
Remember everything happens for a reason!!

Forty Five plus 14

one of life's most 
difficult lessons to accept.
Everything happens for a reason!

Forty Five plus 13

Unfortunately too many
learn this lesson way too late!
If only we lived like Benjamin Button -
then we would know everything from the beginning!!

Forty Five plus 9

Oh don't we all feel like this is true.
I guess it is back to -- everything happens for a reason!
And, we are having the experience we are meant 
to have at that moment.
The universe is so mysterious - do we ever figure it out?????

Forty five plus 7

Embrace every life experience 
and realize that
the universe is giving you the lesson
you need at that moment!

Forty Five plus 6

How many times have we beat ourselves
 up over something we have said or done. 
Often times we can't let it go - 
continuing to chastise ourselves relentlessly! 
And how much time do we wasted doing this. 
Time is something we can never get back and
it is a precious commodity the older we get.
So as Helen Keller so insightfully stated, acknowledge what we have done and learn from it. 
One of life's simple lessons. 
But definitely not simple to do! 

Forty Five plus 5

This is certainly food for thought for the 
younger generation and maybe some of the oldies too!
But here in Sun City, Hilton Head
this is not an issue.  
And if you have any doubt come to one of the many dances that are held here and you will see 
104 year young Hazel dancing with her 90 year old boyfriend!
She is a fabulous dancer, tennis player, tap dancer and in her spare time does circuit weight training.
Her enthusiasm is amazing and it certainly shows in her
her grace and kindness to others.
We love you Hazel!

Forty Five plus 4

Don't you always think about the person that makes you feel so good about yourself? Who is always in the moment - your moment - when they are with you.  Not ready to move on to the next appointment, thought, chore.  I am always in awe of these people and the ease in which they bestow their thoughtfulness and delight about the world. How they take the time to be genuinely interested in others.  How they are able to shut out the world and the frenetic pace of life to focus on what is important and continually perform small acts of kindness to make everyone around them to feel special.

Yes that is a special gift indeed!