Happy Birthday Elizabeth Zimmerman

If you are a knitter then 
 Elizabeth Zimmerman needs no introductions!  

But for those of you who are unfamiliar with this knitting icon let me tell you a little about her.
Elizabeth was a knitter, teacher, designer and author. She believed in personal creativity and encouraged knitters to experiment and think outside of the box. Her goal was to have knitters make every design their own and not worry about following a pattern!  The legacy of information and design she left behind is the mantra for many knitters and her books are an absolute must in every knitting library.  She presents information in a clear and precise manner with a dash of witty commentary.  Her books have been a lifeline for me on many occasions when I needed help with a
knitting dilemma or catastrophe.  I have knitted my share of Elizabeth's designs in a Zimmermania Class I took in State College at a wonderful little yarn store 
 Stitch Your Art Out.  

Baby Surprise Jacket worn by my grandson Dylan!

 My mentor and knitting teacher "Cynthia" instilled in me the importance of of Elizabeth Zimmerman's place in the knitting community.

I am very fortunate to have two books that have been autographed by Elizabeth!  Her wit and light-hearted attitude is most evident in the inscription that can be found in my copy of "The Knitter's Almanac". 

And do you believe the amazing price of $8.95 for a hard back book! 

Knitting Without Tears also inscribed by Elizabeth!

So thank you Elizabeth Zimmerman for all you did to inspire creativity in knitters.
August 9, 2011