Summer Fun!

Today I realized that I have been lacking in my blog posts.  So I decided to catch up on what has kept me so busy this summer.  Remember when you were a kid and summer seemed to last forever.  
Boy does that change when you grow up.  Time is just racing by.  
I attribute some of that to age - but I hope that it is mostly because 
LIFE IS GOOD and I am having such a good time!

My summer adventures began with a trip to Savannah to Paula Deen's annual blood drive.  Of course a few side stops to our favorite shops were definitely on the agenda!

Next came a visit from my sister and her husband.  
We had a great time with lots of beach days ....

...and an interesting evening watching a cactus bloom.  Yes, you heard me right - our friends Monica & Mike have a cactus that blooms one evening a year-so a bunch of us sat around drinking Margaritas and watching the cactus bloom.  Luckily for my sister and her husband, they arrived just in time to join in the festivities! After 3 Margaritas the flower did bloom and it was beautiful.
 I think this is now a annual party!

Next came the hours I spent on the front porch observing the anoles.  They are all over the place.  And they don't seem to be afraid of humans.  Look how this one slept right in front of my chair.

We also took a trip to the Antique Road Show in Myrtle Beach.

While there we visited Brookgreen Gardens which is beautiful and well worth the trip!

Then there is the knitting... which has definitely taken a back seat.  I guess that's what happens when summer gets in the way.  I do have some new patterns and some mods that I made on my
Watch my next blog post for these updates.

So - as you can see I have had a wonderful summer and it isn't over yet.  Next week my son and his family will be visiting.

 I can't wait for them to get here! 

Summer Fun - Everyone needs it.
Enjoy your friend and family and the little joys life has to offer!

And never forget that