Loving Life!

How fortunate am I!  Today was a beautiful day in the Low Country.  The sun was shining when I awoke this morning and Joe and I decided to get our daily dose of exercise by walking outside.  I looked forward to the beautiful sun filled walk - anxious to feel the warm sun on my face.  Especially after spending hours listening to the devastating news unfold in Japan.  What a horrifying situation for the people who live there.  Thinking about them and their peril brings to mind what a small world this truly is.  We all occupy a single spinning globe - hanging on only by the force of gravity.  But are we tending to our planet the way we need to? With all the unsettling weather taking place across the world coupled with natural disasters such and this and the quake in New Zealand just a few week ago, I tend to think not.  Our life here is a gift and I believe that it is time for everyone to realize that we cannot continue to harm the environment and not expect any consequences.  Cutting down the forests, drilling on the ocean floor for oil, ignoring global warming - all of this will eventually catch up with our children, grandchildren and generations to come.  I thought about all of this as I walked in the beautiful place I now call home.  The creatures and people who are my neighbors were getting on with the business of their lives.  I stopped to chat with a friend

 as he walked his daughters dog.  He was so excited that she and her family here for a visit.

Our next stop was at the baseball field - today was a coed game!  

                                                                 A happy player turned and gave me a smile before she went up to bat.  It warmed my hear to hear her male team mates cheer her on!  Only in Sun City I thought as we continued on our way.

And then there was the tiny gecko - basking in the sun and waiting patiently for his photo-op.  He stoop perfectly still as I snapped his picture and then he quickly scurried off .

 Yes what a wonderful world this is.  Life goes on even as tragedy unfolds and thank goodness it does!  But lets all take a few minutes from our busy lives and say a prayer for the people of Japan.  They have a very long and hard road ahead of them.

The Subject of Willpower!

 I don't know where the time goes.  It sure is flying by.  Today started off with some exercise!  Well in my head anyway.  I absolutely will get to the gym tomorrow.  Joe and I have been really good about it - averaging three times a week - although I am still waiting to love it!   It is a necessary evil and is the only way we can stay in shape with all the eating we do. 

 Every activity here in Sun City revolves around food - and good food. Then there is the wine - oh the wine.  I thought about giving up wine for lent - but then I realized that wasn't realistic.  Then I considered sweets - OMG with my sweet tooth - not possible.  And I don't think my husband could live with me if I did that. After all, dark chocolate is a basic food group isn't it?  What about a ban on buying yarn - maybe I could do that considering I have two floor to ceiling cabinets filled with yarn. Well....no that wouldn't work.  Ilse, Bonnie and I are going to do this fabulous shawl 

out of Prism Light Stuff and I can get a good buy on it at Ravelry from someone who is trying to destash. (Isn't that what I should be doing?)  So.... that ends the no buying ban.  Well maybe I can give up exercise....yep that sounds like a plan - but not a good one even though sleeping late sounds like a great idea!  Guess I don't have any willpower after all.