Every knitter knows about the dreaded knitting disease known as STARTITIS.  We all succumb to it at one time or another.  But finally ending the cycle feels good.  Yes --  finishing up projects always feels good.  In fact it feels so good that I am committed to complete all my current projects before I start anything else - well maybe not all! But I am highly motivated since I would like to complete a good many things before I begin my Rock Island Shawl.  The yarn arrived a few days ago - it is amazing- all wound in a beautiful little cake - and I am itching to start.  (Yes the STARTITIS SYNDROME is taking hold again!!)

Besides my sense of accomplishment -- completing unfinished projects that are taking up space will make Joe very happy.  He cannot understand the incessant need to begin one project before completing what you have started.  He doesn't understand the amazing feeling that comes over knitters when they see that perfect project & yummy yarn - and the need to possess it - to begin it - even though you have a half a dozen projects in various stages of completion.  I try to resist - but the pattern - yarn - excitement keeps calling me until I can't resist any more.  And he really doesn't understand the need to stash mega amounts of yarn - but I digress and that is another subject entirely!

I did finish up the Mackies' Shrug a design by Key Lime Couture from a wonderful shop called "Knit" in Key West - and the shrug is darling! (Of course I started it even though I had other things in progress!)

But my Entrelac Cape is in progress and I am working hard to finish this before I begin my 
Rock Island. 

And if I want to be totally honest I must finish my Modern Quilt Wrap as well.  I forgot how luscious the Rowan Kid Silk Haze is!!!
And there are a few other items in the knitting cabinet but we will not discuss those at this time!! 
Finishing the ones I have mentioned will be quite an accomplishment.

Well - the lazy days of summer have arrived in South Carolina and I intend to put my time spent inside to good use.
  Oh well I guess I better get busy --- I have a lot of knitting to do!  Thank goodness it is hot outside and staying in and knitting seems like a good idea.