Cheeseburgers in Paradise!

Beautiful Beaches!!
Vacations are wonderful! Of course I feel a little guilty saying that because since I retired my whole life is a vacation.  Maybe I should change the verbiage to Exploring is Wonderful.   Last week Joe and I were able to cross one destination off our bucket list and it was definitely worth the trip!  We had a great time exploring Key West.

A romantic sunset sail!

A visit to Hemingway's Key West Home

A peek into his writing studio.
A visit to his two famous hangouts! We heard that he staggered home many nights from one or the other.

A trip to Margaritaville !

A visit to Truman's White House with a sand sculpture of Harry himself.

And finally a trip to the Southernmost point in the Continental USA. And it only took us two tries to get the Terrible Towel right side up! I guess it was all those trips to Hemingway's watering holes and Margaritaville!