I am totally sick of listening to nothing but commentary about the debt ceiling.  Especially when I feel totally helpless regarding the entire situation.  Both parties and all the political pundits love to hear themselves talk and this crisis has given them ample opportunity!  The big problem is they really don't want to hear what we citizens have to say.   So --- I am protesting by not watching any TV news.   It doesn't help my attitude or my creativity.  And I cannot survive without creativity!

As we all know creativity comes in many forms.  The other day at the beach I walked past a brother and sister who were busy building a sand sculpture of a turtle.  I stopped to watch and was amazed at what a good job they were doing.    I was especially impressed to see that they had push the boundaries of creativity by adding color to their turtle by spraying it with green food coloring mixed with water.  What a stroke of genius!  I wonder if they realized what little artists they are!!

It was truly a site and it made me think of the many forms in which the creative spirit manifests itself.  True artists always come up with a way to push the boundaries to make their creations - their art - just a little more unique.   

Today I watched Lady Gaga on The View.  Many jokes and remarks have been made about the ways in which she pushes artistic boundaries and there is no doubt that she does.  Remember her dress that was made of meat. 

 And how about her dramatic entrance in the egg at the Grammys.  

Whatever she does, we cannot deny that she is truly an amazing artist that loves her art and knows how to go from crazy and eccentric to sophisticated and insightful!  Just take a look at her performance today on The View.  It was fabulous!!

So during this time of political & economic uncertainty I will not be watching the news.  I will however be watching Lady Gaga every chance I get - hoping to get just a spark of creativity from a young woman who knows how to push the artistic boundaries to the very edge.  And, I hope you take some time to find your own inner creativity - whether it is knitting, beading, painting, writing, wood working or singing.  Let your creative spirit soar - you'll be happy you did!  Just remember, meat doesn't knit up well!!