What Does A Southern Belle Do On A Hot Summer Day??

Well today summer has officially arrived.  Actually summer has been here in South Carolina for quite some time! It has been over 90° for the last six weeks at least.  Thank goodness we have the pool which is a welcome relief on a day like today.

And there always is the beach.  It is sooo... much cooler at the beach.  My friend Darcy and I try and get there at least once a week.  Last week we were happy that we were able to go twice.

Darcy Loves's The Beach!

Last but not least -- there is always my wonderful front porch. There is nothing that says relaxation like sipping sweet tea on a big southern porch.  Last week we had it covered with pavers and purchased two nice big comfy chairs with ottomans.  The men worked so hard and did a wonderful job!

There is such a refreshing breeze and Joe and I love sitting on our porch.  Lately it has been too hot to knit on anything heavy so I am working on a light summer scarf with little flowers.  It is a redesign of a crocheted scarf that my friend Ilse did.  I am planning on putting together a pattern for this and teaching it at a knitting class.  I have also been doing a substantial amount of reading - it is a great spot for that.  Also a fabulous spot for snoozing!!

Much of the time however is spent watching my little Gecko friends.  They seems to be living under the drain pipe.  They crawl along the top of the porch and scurry down the column and sit there looking at me.  I think they may be attracted by the music from my ITouch!  Often they seem to be playing with each other.  I wonder if they are a couple?  Oh well --  they certainly are very entertaining to watch!

So when friends and family ask - 
"What do you do all day in that hot weather?" 
I just chuckle and think 
how I have just taken to this Southern Lifestyle. 
As always "LIFE IS GOOD"! 
Happy Summer to Y'all!