Decisions - Decisions!

Finally I have found some free time to sit and blog.  Time has gotten away from me as I needed to knit three loopy snecklaces for the special people I saw at Easter.  That included my daughter Jenny, sister Robin and D-I-L Kristin.  Next I wanted to knit a fabulous hat and socks for a special lady.  The hat was a confusing knit -  but after some adjustment it did work out.  And it is fabulous looking!  I hope the recipient loves it!

Next it will be on to something for myself.  I am torn between a sensational entrelac cape,

Or the new Rock Island shawl by Jarred Flood - otherwise know as Brooklyn Tweed.

Decisions - decisions.  Both will be beautiful for sure!

Feel free to cast your vote by leaving a comment and make sure you check back for an update!!